Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Casual Thrifter Part 1

Shirt: Thrifted, Track Pants: F21, Shoes: Asos, Sunglasses: H&M

Another favorite thrifty find... this shirt goes exceptionally well with something grey and easy... So I wore it twice, with long grey sweats and with short grey sweats! Grey, grey sweaty grey! After my last two weeks of finger bling and necklaces, I've taken to wearing only one piece... my statement Bvulgari mens watch... So heavy one arm is now longer than the other- see above!!! Makes picking up those pesky fallen items a doddle!!! Actually... I live in these sweats in the mornings... (tracksuit bottoms if you are in fact British like me!) I thought I should incorporate them into my blog in a slightly more dressed way, as walking the dog doesn't usually entail a shirt and heels, oh no- More like a big old grey hoodie from Uni, and bed hair! I look like an escaped criminal most mornings in my grey get up! So hot! For that reason, and because a certain somebody, ahem, Karl Lagerfield declared that wearing sweatpants is a sign of defeat... Not sure I agree entirely... I could totally blow your mind Mr L and flip that statement over so hard with a Goldsmiths style intellectual paper  simply entitled "The role of semantics in "god damn" fashion".
I feel a lazy sunday essay calling! erm... kinda. I miss being clever.

Photography by Albert Dedeu