Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Freedom Fr'Ombre!

A literally expolsive/ flaming session at the hairdressers and TADAA full blown Ombre success-ish!

My ombre fixation started a while ago, back in early 2007 in fact… A time when I knew nada of blogging, online fashionistas and such fancies! Just good old fashioned ASOS! There was a model on there who I was completely enthralled with… I wish I still had the photo I had stashed away as hairspiration to show you! She had this glorious hair all the way down to her perky bottom… With a magical blondness working its way toward her waist… which got subtly darker as it headed further north! SO HOT! I was in love… Thing is, my boyfriend at the time flat out refused to let me do it… I know, I know… what the heck has he got to do with anything?!?! Meh, long story really… I abided… until that is I met Albert! Aka, Love of my life, who basically let me do anything I wanted and loved me for it no matter what! AHHHHH! SO SWEET, do you wanna vom?! Good!
I started the dipping of ends in 2008…and thad the same love hate relationship with it that I would for years!!! I'd always been (see I'D- past) blessed with rather shiny locks, something that I totally took for granted (idiot!) until I dabbled in the cursed bleach! OH THE BLEACH!!!

The Ombre Evolution 2008- Dipping!
Total and utter Freedom Fr'Ombre! 
After many "I must have my dark shiny hair back again" outbursts, and dying over, cutting and bleaching it again I suddenly found myself opening up every blog to see this was a MUST HAVE hair style for all bloggers... So with that, the bleach was back out baby!! YEAH WOO, HAIRSPIRATION!
I decided after a while to just do it properly in a hairdressers one day mid blog life (I NEVER go to the hairdressers!)... sadly, I had forgotten about my "organic" perm I'd had back in London at uni... woops! This reacted BIG TIME with my newly bleach smothered ends! FIRE was a happnin' I kid you not!!!
Unperplexed due to the length my hair had gotten by then, I just gazed awkwardly into the mirror and hoped that not too much would have to be cut off/fall off!!! It turned out rather well considering the flames and all... however, the dryness began to creep up my once shiny dark locks and bring sadness to my hair! (I'm listening to baroque music right now...this story will just go up and down with whatever comes on classic FM!!!)
When I moved to Hong Kong, it hit an all time low... be it the heat, the condensation...I don't know... all I knew was I was in hair hell!!! Problem was, I've always loved having long locks! I dabbled in little trims, which made me VERY depressed!!!
LUCKILY FOR ME THOUGH!!! Alexa Chung (yep I went there!) looks hot AND has short hair!!! MORE HAIRSPIRATION! Oh god I'm original! I though okay...this is it... I gotta cut this old dead rats nest off! So folks... I got out my pink floral barbor scissors, did not even remove my coat... and after a few CHOP CHOPS and a sink full of ratty bleach hair later I was FREE! And I tell you what... If you too have had it with Ombre Hell Hair... I thoroughly recommend you just do it! We must not be held down by the Ombre!!! Be free, say hello to your hair again!!! HELLO HAIR! I MISSED YOU! If on the other hand you are about to go for it... then do it! You can always chop it off at a later date!!! ;) xx

Photography by Albert Dedeu