Thursday, 23 February 2012

Golden Plum

Gold Jumper: Zara, Red wIne Skirt: Random store HK, Shoes: Asos, Hat: H&M, 

It be raining here in the Jungle... So I feel this weirdly Christmassy outfit works somehow. Otherwise, it does indeed look super odd amidst all the spring like scantily clad bouncy posts of late! These two colors over Chrimbo had me in all sorts of love! Now... not so much, but hey ho... Here we go! Don't ask what a straw hat's doing on my head either... It's an experimental look of sorts! Arn't they all! Hope you are all well and being uber productive n' what not! I appear to be in the calm before the storm that is Disco Pony launch and wedding! Gah! I'm staying as still as possible, when really I should be working like a mad woman... I guess I'm just prepping for all the madness about to ensue! Hmmmmmmm...xx

Photography by Albert Dedeu