Tuesday, 14 February 2012

It's Pink... but it's certainly NOT valentine related.

It's amazing how many bruises I seem to collect! WHERE DO THEY ALL COME FROM?!! I'm almost 100% positive I am not getting into scraps with dangerous street kids in dark ally ways... mainly because erm, there are none here... and secondly (ha) I tend to avoid such activities... Quite aptly for the specific reason that I (Natasha Beddingfield) Bruise easily! The other day I actually fell up the escalators in a vain bid to get out of the station in time to be graciously greeted by my darling who was at that precise moment gliding up to the curb in a taxi...ahem, chariot ready to whisk me home... Point is... I managed to fall up... and bruise and twist just about every part of my being- by the time I had been rescued by myself and one other kind hearted fellow escalator traveller (Thank you universe for ensuring such love!), darling, aka Albert had already gotten out of said chariot, sent it on its way and greeted me not with a rose in the mouth, but with a spectacularly puzzled expression and the words "What happened?!!" when he saw my hobbling twisted outline scurrying toward him from the depths of the underground.
This might explain some of the bruises.
I'll give a prize to anyone who can spot all the bruises in these photos!!! XX Happy V day... even though I think that's a load of tosh... everyday should be a celebration of your love for your loved ones... Forced holidays p*ss me right off! Anarchist.

Photography by Albert Dedeu


Kaitlin Mattingly said...

omg that pink color is so amazing.

xo katlin

Kotryna said...

Looove loove loove your pink skirt ;)

AN3 said...

great pose! :D

nice to know your blog btw, i followed u:) would u like to follow me back?


Jaeger said...

Love your jacket!



ZoƩ said...

Gorgeous outfit! I especially love how vibrant the skirt is and think you look beautiful. :)