Monday, 6 February 2012

A Week In High Tops! Tuesday: The Perfect Tee

Severe pain, or ridiculous excitement?! You decide!!! Tee: Club Monaco, High Toppie tops: Zara, Shoes: I appear to be wearing two different pairs... couldn't decide.. Zara (boots) Asos (wedges) Beagle: MINE! Hat: Market

This might sound a little mad... MADNESS I tell you... but, before last week... I had NEVER, ever witnessed a Club Monaco store! Nope, never... barely even knew what it was! I know... it's astonishing... considering they appear to have gotten hold of the perfect tee pattern, fabric, color secrets... and I do enjoy a good t-shirt! I promptly understood why my ignorance was such a good thing however when I flipped the price tag... WOAH NELLY! I have NEVER, ever in my life (note the repeat here...full circle stuff going on!) spent that much money on a tee shirt... something i could whip up in an instant too (here comes the designer on a forced break issue again)... but the problem is... I tried it on... and I was sold... hooked, gone, done, poor... anything you like! It had to be mine! Nothing beats a good staple tee shirt- maybe a hat/good pants... it's a close one!
I almost had the entire collection in my bag when I left unbeknowingly (sp?!) however- due to Hong Kong sales tactics being a little less reserved- British style, and a little more "you want them all no- even though you keep saying just the grey... I will put them all in and charge you thousands, you will thank me later..."
Sadly my bank account cant hack a collection of anything Club Monaco... but hey... YOU grey Tee are MINE! And I love you!
Here are the pants again!!! xx

Photography by Albert Dedeu


Hollee said...

You babe! Glad to see you back again!

Hollee x

MikalaFashion by Kalina said...

you look great!

AN3 said...

your shoes!!! *_* i adore it! so adorable, by the way, i followed u dear, would u like to follow me back? :)

Make Shift Model (CEO and Designer at Disco Pony) said...

Good to be back Hollee!!! :) xx
AN3 checking out your blog now! :)

Jaeger said...

Love those pants!


Lizzie said...

Those pants look so hotttt lady :) Your doggy is so cute and that last photo is gorgeous!


Make Shift Model (CEO and Designer at Disco Pony) said...

Thank you gorgeous!!! :) Isnt he just the cutest! SILLY PUPPY!!!