Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A Week In High Tops! Wednesday: Navy Blue & Thrifted Floral

Floral Shirt: Thrifted, High Tops (Navy) Zara, Shoes- basically stolen F21! Hat: H&M
Inspecting for "glue line" evidence after I told him how much I got them for! CUTE!

There is a story behind these shoes! Oh yes! Excited?! You should be!
Clearing throat... ahemmm. Well, Forever 21 opened here in HK a couple of weeks ago... I avoided it for the first few days... but by the third time I strolled casually past (on purpose!) I decided to just grin and bear it (I say- when I was in fact just grinning with antici.......pation)... see if they were as cheap as in the states... as most things here are marked up a billion percent despite the fact that 99.9% of the product is made right here anyway!
... Amidst the swarms of eager Americana wannabeeeeees (I, clearly not one of them!!! haha- clearly!!!) I spotted this sole pair of mega heels... just staring at me, looking all lonely and what not! Once in hand I pretty much hot stepped it for the cashier, grabbing a t-shirt or two on the way...wondering if I had enough moola to pay... Thing was, they only had the American dollar price on them... now, there is a big difference between the American dollar and the HK dollar, let me tell you! In USD they were approx $26... this in HK dollar translates to about $3 US!
Now... fortunately for me... be it a total blonde moment (haha thats quite funny seeing as blonde's are quite few and far between over here!) of the cashiers- or a moment of omfg I cannot deal with any more today (due to heinous swarms of fashion crazed youngsters all desperate for a bargain in newly opened F21!) so I am just going to pretend I do not realise that $26 cannot possibly be the price of these shoes...EVEN THOUGH that cheap ass t-shirt you are purchasing costs about 5 times the price... no, I shall just let you buy them for less than a coffee.
AND SO I DID! I basically robbed Forever 21...and you know what... I was not sad about it... most excited in fact. That there is my tale. I hope you enjoyed it... you probably did, because it was incredibly exciting. I know! ;) xx

Photography by Albert Dedeu


Lippylash said...

I am so in love with this outfit! Gorgeous! ANd those shoes are so cute! can't believe you got them that cheap!!

MikalaFashion by Kalina said...

gorgeous outfit!

Hollee said...

I love storied like that!! I have a pair of boots like that. They were 50% off then marked down again so they were 75% off then when I went to the counter she scanned them up as even cheaper. I pretty much ran out of the shop and down the street after I paid haha.

Love love

p.s. they are awesome shoes.


Jaeger said...

Love it!



Make Shift Model (CEO and Designer at Disco Pony) said...

hahaha Hollee! You crack me up!!! GO GIRL! RUN! RUN!!!!
Thanks guys :) So glad you love Miss Lippylash! :) <3

catflicks said...

ha ha i can't believe you got them for so cheap! and they're so amazing, can't believe they're forever21, i just bought a few things for the first time off their website the other day too!


Yuki Lusiana Eka said...

i love your hw pants!
so lovely :)


Lamia Alaoui said...

Very summery ! Love it !