Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Mid Week Bear Date Hula Hooping Interlude!

Just like a Möbius strip... endless fun (literally!)
Tee: Club Monaco, Cap: Puma, Leggings: Bear Date by Daddyz, shoes: Topshop, Hula-hoop: Harrods (Sai Kung, which is not Harrods at all- we just like to call it that!)

I hear what your saying right now... IS SHE.. WEARING...A BASEBALL CAP?!!!

Why yes! Yes I am! I am also hula-da-hooping myself into a blissful state of childlike wonder too! Problem? I think not! You gotta try this thing- both actually... we don't wear baseball caps enough these days... Thoughts? Serious objections?!!
I like to get up to the roof in the mornings and spin this crazy disco hoop around my belly for as long as my unfitness permits! It's pretty hypnotic... staring out over the ocean, syncing yourself up to the universe with some totally rad harmonious circular movements! I highly recommend it. My Chinese neighbors are utterly entertained on a daily... Weird foreign girl in pj's and oversized puppy dog shape slippers thrusting her hips about about trying not to smack real puppy dog in the eye as he comes to smell 100mph spinning hula hoop!

Hula-hooping your way into happiness... It's a thing... I'm sure of it... If not, well Umgunna make it one! Copywrite (Don't even try it!)

Lets get onto these ridiculously cute-as-erm bears on a date leggings! (Hoping this legging post shall not appear on a thread of enraged legging haters... true story- that may have happened last time! It's fascinating how many people are offended by leggings!!!) To this I say... try them on! Baby, your jeans will be lonely for weeks- and your butt exposed in ways you never thought possible!!!

Sourced directly from the up and coming site Daddy Long Legz, a fellow Chictopia seller and HK dweller! This site is the BOMB! and you must check it out if you are a legging lover! Let me give you a wee showdown of legging options you can find on Daddy Long Legz... I dare you not to love something!
Goldfish leggings @ Daddyz
                                                                         Because your legs are statements of intent.
                                                                           Because your legs are your best weapon.
                                                                Because your legs are perfect with their imperfections.
                                                                                  Because your legs are you

Check Daddy Long Legz out on facebook too! Join in the leg fiesta! (semi borrowed phrase- credits to TMR)

Photography by Albert Dedeu


Brandi, The Beatniq said...

I love the leggings!! And hula hooping is so a thing.. well it use to be. It really should be brought back to life!

MikalaFashion by Kalina said...

awesome happy photos :) leggings and shoes are amazing!

Yuki Lusiana Eka said...

love the shocking pink wedges and those leggings :)

Anonymous said...

I love your outgoing blog style and pictures. Keep up the good work!

The Style Visitor

Her Persona said...

oh i love the leggings and the shoes are amazing!!

aelie said...

You look adorable! Love these pics, you look so happy! x

Pepa Xavier said...

ahaha love those leggings!!! =)

Fashionlass said...

If there's one thing I can't resist (okay, well, one of the multiple things when it comes to clothes), it's amazing leggings.
But I should also be disappointed, because now I know that all the money I've saved is going to go to buying these. ;)
Definitely a starving student now! YAY TOFU.
Also, just wanted to say that I've been absent from the blog world for a while, and now that I'm coming back into it, I knew your blog was one of the ones I had to return to reading asap.
So excited to start keeping up to date again with you.
You look gorgeous as usual!

Love from Canada!

Alizée said...

I follow you right now your blog is so great !!! This topshop wedges are perfect! And you look have fun !

Xxx Lizzie