Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Marshmallow Mamma!

White dress w//Sequin Sleeves: ASOS
An ode to Disco, with it's little sequin sleeves! And to Disco Baby, all snuggled up in mamas belly under the marshmallow dress... and to my new body!!! "Hello twins!" I can't believe I'm in my final trimester now... I'm literally itching to meet little one! (Fellow pregnant ladies// mamas out there- you know what I'm saying!) I must say, my desire to be able to actually wear these floaty white things with pretty sequin sleeves whilst I expand another three times over is even bigger than me right now- Don't be fooled... this was a ten minute try me on and hope for warmth sort of occasion!!! As I type this... the relentless New York snow just keeps falling! White dresses please, not white weather! No more white weather!!!! I'm officially starting the maternity designing now... it's on! I'm excited! So is bump! He's a' kicking!!! :))) I hope you are all well Ponies! I miss Ponying about... for now I continue to waddle!!! xx <3 Preggers the marshmallow mamma!


Lippylash said...

You look adorbs! And it looks like you haven't even gained weight! Beautiful mommy!!;)

GlamorousGirl said...

love this!

Julia Percia David said...

You are looking so fresh! Loving it!!


Julia from aboyeur.blogspot.com

Arina Nahya N Nafia said...

you still look beautiful<3


The Disco Pony Girl (CEO and Designer at Disco Pony) said...

Thank you bunnies :)))
@lippylash! I have gained a good 25 pounds already!!!! Hiding it well huh!!! haha!!!! ;) xxx