Monday, 22 August 2011

Zara V's Disco Pony

Obviously I cannot claim that Zara has been stealing Disco Pony designs... That would be rather ludicrous of me... BUT, I can rant about the highly annoying fact that they seem to be coming out with pieces that I had designed WELL, WELL in advance of their Zara arrivals... Perhaps I am just ahead of the game with things, but there is still a niggling feeling in the back of my mind that brings up flashes of a documentary about how the blue chip fashion houses actually hire people to scour fashion blogs in order to find the next designs. What do you think people? Am I just being crazy protective of my Disco Pony label? Or do I have a bit of a point?!

Zara,Disco Pony,Black Sequin Mini
LEFT: My Black Sequin Disco Pony Mini Dress designed last year and sampled in February 2011.  RIGHT: Zara's Black Sequin Mini dress: Arrived just NOW! The shape is exact... minus a tiny button holding together the draped open back (It only takes a button folks to be a "different" design!)

LEFT: Amanda wearing my Disco Pony Silver Sequin Jacket: "Silver Surfer" Designed and Sampled in April 2011. LEFT: Zara Silver Sequin Jacket: Arrived in stores NOW! 

Either way, seeing these designs in Zara makes me want to cry/vomit everywhere! AND despite the fact that they are made in huge factories and recent claims of sweat shops in Brazil, they STILL CHARGE YOU MORE! Disco Pony is 100% hand made, and custom fitted. The amount of work that goes into making each piece is so huge, yet I refuse to over charge... I want people to actually be able to have some everyday luxe, and not pay through the nose unnecessarily for it! Saying that, in the USA people are sadly still finding my prices too high with the exchange rate... However, after months of market research into pricing of high street and designer, my prices are still some of the best around (and I'm not talking Primark or New Look here... I'm talking FCUK, Zara, Topshop end!)

I am highly aware that this could be total coincidence, but I am also highly aware of Zara's rep for poaching blog imagery for their own gain... think T-shirts here... Not that I would have much problem being on a T-shirt... But I'd still like a bit of credit/some of the profits thank you kindly dear Zara!!!

As any designer can tell you though, seeing your designs or similar ones elsewhere, is always a shitty feeling... Not just for the reason that, Disco Pony, as a sliiightly smaller company than Zara gets 100% less audience from the fashion world, and therefore, my higher quality, cheaper in price and painstakingly crafted designs fail to get donned by all the delightful fash pack out there who happened to wonder into Zara instead of Disco Pony (so well hidden within this blog- working on that peeps!) BREEEATH.... BUT ALSO for the reason that now my pieces are just a bit less special :( This is the saddest part!

I hope those of you who come across these pieces in Zara will decide that Disco Pony has in fact done a much better job of creating them, and well in advance of this too!!!
As my aunty has told me many times before... "You will always be copied, but you will always be creating something else, something better... let the bastards be the impersonators- you can be the original!"

Fuming rage, over and out! Thoughts much appriciated!!! xx

Photography by Albert Dedeu


Anonymous said...

No doubt yours are much better. They only made a cheap copy. Xxx

♥Run With Fashion♥ said...

I know how your feeling.
I make my own designs....welll I don't make, I draw them out, and after a yr or months later some top notch designer designs an idea just like what I drew or something similiar. :(
Like last summer I came up with a gold ciggy ring and after a few months, I found out that some designer MADE THE SAME EXACT IDEA AS I HAD MADE!!!
I cried soo much and was sooo sad. :(
I don't know if they copied you, they could of, I mean, it does make you wonder, because they have stolen ideas from blogs before, how RIDICULOUS! >.<
BUT ZOEY! here's some good news....this just means, you got to think of something BIGGER AND BETTER, AND DO IT BEFORE SOMEONE COMES UP WITH A SIMLIAR IDEA AS YOURS! :D
I believe in you and Disco Pony! ♥
Awwww, noooo :(! Your pieces are still special! I loove your silver surfer jacket, 100 times SPECIAL THAN ZARA'S! Promise you that! ♥
And any girl who wears your pieces, I'm sure it makes them feel special wearing them! :)

Looove your Aunty! She's right, people will always copy, you just got to make sure your the first to put your ideas out their FIRST! :D

Ieva JankauskaitÄ— said...

Wow, I imagine how sad and frustrated you feel now:( but cheer up, your designes look way better than zara's! No, wait... Disco pony is just GORGEOUS!! And perfect! And I mean it! I hope some day to be able to order this silver jacket:) Now I'm just a student with no job, haha, so I must wait until next summer. I really hope that you will still have it by this time:D

Make Shift Model (CEO and Designer at Disco Pony) said...

Guys, I can't thank you enough for these kind words... I'ts been one of those days... so I retired from work at 5 on the dot and went home feeling depressed! But you have cheered me up no end! Sooooo kind of you, I love you all for being so supportive... so thank you, thank you a million times over :) xx

♥Run With Fashion♥ said...

Awwww you welcome!
I know how you feel, puttin a lot of hard work and love in creating, and then having to see someone else or um brand stores make something of your design.
It's possibly the WORST FEELING EVER! It's like a punch to the heart, lol. >.<
Even Urban Outfitters are stealing designs from artists, it's soo sad and really makes me angry! >.<!
Just keep keeping on! :D
Well, your comment made me happy! :D
I looove that...LITA DOLLS! Didn't think of that name! How cute. May I use that? ^^

Pepa Xavier said...

That really sucks! They copy everything. But one can easily observe that your design and MATERIALS are wayyyy better than Zara!

Caroline Josephine said...

:( BLEH! The Zara ones look so cheap! I'm saving up for my own silver surfer and I would NEVER EVER buy such a cheap looking version of your lovely work.

Wah! I don't like this at all!!!

Igna said...

La parte positiva es que si te copian es porque eres EXCELENTE !!! y siempre sabemos cual es el original , mucho mas bonitos tus modelos y se ven de mucha mas calidad el disenyo y el material ADELANTE !!!!!!!!!!!

Tereza Anton said...

Love that blazer, so disco :).

Katie said...

Ohmygosh this makes me infuriated for you!!! At least know that your designs look 1000x better than the zara knock offs!!! If there were anyway in the world I could swing the $220 price tag of the silver surfer I would have ordered it the SECOND it was available!! So sad being a poor grad student :-( :-( just know that if your American prices ever do come down I will be NUMBER ONE in line to buy

Anonymous said...

I really liked the article, and the very cool blog

Lauren said...

Zoey this is such sad news! I'm sorry! You clearly have an amazing eye for design and a product that the public wants. Fashion bloggers have become such a forefront in fashion and really have such a huge influence. I know those words are supposed to be comforting but alas, they are not. You are a great designer and the Disco Pony ones have a beautiful shape, look wonderful on the human form, and are painstakingly made of quality materials. Keep on truckin on! Your line is amazing and this sort of thing is always going to happen.

<3 Disco Pony!


michelle_ said...

sooo sorry about this ! i know that the first time i saw sequin dress + blazers was form disco pony ! sooo i was really really really sad when i read this post ;(

to help you feel better.. karl lagerfeld says "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" :) all the best to you and disco ponyyyy !! :D

Christine Tay said...

so sorry to hear about that Zoey, but i am sure yours is SO MUCH BETTER than zara. The price tag in euros is indeed hefty if i convert to Singapore dollars. I would love to get the silver surfer jacket but am afraid i cant justify the price yet. But hopefully, i will be able to get it soon! :)

Cheer up ya! Looking forward to seeing more designs.

Julia said...

okay your designs are 284793183x times better than Zara's. They are far more intricate and look of higher quality. I love Zara, but I would def wear Disco Pony over the Zara one's! I love your work :)

xo Julia

Violeta said...

This sucks...but think about this...Zara started copying Armani, so...if they imitate you it's because you are adding something new to this sometimes cruel business.

Shels415 said...

Wow! I would be in such heat as well. The industry can get really dirty, but from everyone that has seen your blog will know you're the creator. I'm pretty sure your collection are better quality and I would pay to receive one. I hope you get all the credit you deserve girl!

XOXO from SF

Lizzie said... last week I was actually looking at Zaras website and thought those items looks a little toooo familiar and instantly got a bad feeling :( Just know that your pieces are obviously 1 million times better quality and more beautiful!!! Chin up amazing gal :)


Coralie said...

This is not a coincidence, we can see they copied you... I understand that you're so angry because I wouldn't want Zara to copy my creations when I create my own brand... But I need to say I couldn't find where to buy your jacket and there are Zara shops everywhere so people will probably buy their products

Good luck with this


Lainey said...

Your designs are way better. Yeah, Zara is way overpriced and sometimes they're not even cute. I love your stuff. Where can I order the pieces?

Anonymous said...

Not to be rude but I've seem them selling both a sequin shift dress and sequin drapey blazers back in 2009 when they were really popular with a lot of fashion bloggers. I'm all for championing the small independent designers but I really don't see the copying here sorry :(

Make Shift Model (CEO and Designer at Disco Pony) said...

@ Lainey, Thank you so much! I am so glad you like Disco Pony!!! You can order it here:
or just send me an email here: and I will have a custom piece made up for you!

@ Anonymous, Yes, I agree, I'm for sure not the first to make sequin pieces of course! I honestly don't claim that they have copied my designs, it's just a sad feeling when this kind of thing happens... copying or coincidence. When you are a designer, or you create something you feel is unique, it becomes special, so to see it emulated in another place is always going to be a bummer! I see either way... Thanks for your input!

@ Coralie, thank you for your comment... You can find all my designs on my blog under "Shop Disco Pony" and or email me at:, I'd love to have a jacket made up for you!
I totally agree, Zara has a huuuuge vantage over me... my creations are somewhat hidden at the moment! So yes, agreed! I am working on this!!!

Make Shift Model (CEO and Designer at Disco Pony) said...

Oops! I sent that all too early!
@ Everybody! THANK YOU SO MUCH again for all the lovely words! You guys are amazing! I am so glad you would favor Disco Pony over high street!
For all orders/enquiries please email me @

Love xx

Babe in Toyland said...

Hi wow, I know of Zara's exploitation of blogger imagery, I also know that when it comes to designs and prints they copy from EVERYONE- from Stella Mccartney (see the horse print collection from a few years ago) to Miu Miu. I guess they just try to provide an alternative for people who are not able to purchase designer clothes (which is most of us). Sometimes I think to myself "aren't the designers aware of what Zara is doing?" I do know how you feel and I do see the similarity of the cut, but yours looks a X100 better.
My mom once said to me after I complained that some girl in class tried to pass my drawing as her own "you should feel flattered", and so should you.