Thursday, 27 October 2011

Be Bold, Be Brave... The Statement Necklace Giveaway by Nocturne!

Do you lovely things remember the photo shoot I did back in summer with that incredible Nocturne maxi dress? There was definitely something about those exquisit colors against Hong Kong's sky scraper background that really made a statement, making it the perfect piece for me, mainly because it meant I didn't need anything else... no jewelry, just a simple white hat, and I was done! That for me is the ultimate... the whole ethos behind Disco Pony in fact.

I'm an all or nothing kind of girl, and even more so when it comes to jewelry. I almost never wear it... Except for when it really says something. The bigger, the bolder, the more exciting, the more likely I am to drool over it, and in turn wear it! I just feel there isn't much point unless it's got some serious KAPOW to it! When I saw Nocturne had launched their exclusive on-line pop up shop, showcasing a truly stunning range of handcrafted statement necklaces I haaad to see!

I've teamed up with Palladio PR (The guys behind the Nocturne collections) to give you the chance to win one of Nocturne's new Hand-Crafted statement pieces, and thus give you the opportunity to prance about in your winter woolen wonders with a truly decedent flash of bling which, lets be honest would totally revive this classic winter look! (If you are heading into summer... then you could totally pair one with a classic black/totally clashy rad bikini and voila, Vogue pool outfit perfection!!!)

The pop up shop is only here until December, so it's well worth checking it all out and entering for a chance to win your very own piece!

All you need to do is:

1. Be a follower of my blog on Google Connect
2. Follow Palladio PR on Twitter
3. Describe in the comments how you would style up one of these stunning necklaces. The more creative you get the better. In one month myself and Palladio PR will team up to decide the winner based on your answers.

BEST OF LUCK TO YOU ALL! I can't wait to see how you'd style one of these bad boys!!!


briannelee said...

I am a blog follower and am following on Twitter.

This necklace is amazing! I would pair it with a bright silk dress. I created a Polyvore for it here.

The Electric Heart Girl said...

I follwed you on gfc and palladio on twitter.

im big fan of chunky necklace.and the fact that its handscrafted makes it more beautiful and def admire the work of a talented artist.
i am going into winter.and i would definitely pair it up with a big slouchy bright knit sweater and a pair of tights with a swede boots.and a michael kors bag which i love.i would accessories it any further coz i wouldn't want to do injustice to the necklace..keeping it to the minimal and drawing attention would be my intention.

PS i love disco pony,:)

i hope i'm entering it correctly coz i don't see any other blogger entering here…

my id

owner of

Fashion Dubrovnik said...

I would made some contrast and combine this amazing necklace with silk girly peach colored strapless dress, studded black heals and studded bag, with leather black jacket.

EttaGrace said...

The meyerling would be my go to necklace whenever eating lobster. Who wants to wear a boring, cheap plastic bib when you could wear one that has intriguingly unsuspecting delicate spikes protruding from it?
The pavlova would look great against something chartreuse....a chartreuse sequin bodysuit? I wouldn't mind modeling that for you...
And lastly, I love the Gypsy's very architectural and so, I would tie it too something flowy, like water. Maybe, when I'm taking a bath or Crying? Swimming laps? That would create some really positive drag!


Make Shift Model (CEO and Designer at Disco Pony) said...

LOVING these ideas guys!!!!
Rachel, I keep re-reading yours because its pure genius!!! Makes me laugh so much! A completely brilliant idea really!!!!!


My Cup of Lemon Drop said...

Already following you and now following Palladio.

the winter season is coming up so i would wear this necklace with a burgundy sweater because the colors accentuate each other and pair it with some black skinny jeans and some simple pumps or nude flats. the necklace is in the spotlight since it so chunky therefore i would keep the rest minimal. =]


Looking Glass said...

Oooh! Loving Fonteyn! Would definitely be pairing that with my summer kini since I'm downunder in Oz. Or even with some rippped denim short & a basic tee to dress it up a little... Oh! The choices!

I'm a follower of your blog & am following Palladio PR on twitter (CuriouserClare).

~ Clare x

liya said...

I liked the necklace its awesome... share more latest trends if possible.

Babe in Toyland said...

Hi, I think the Esmeralda necklace will look great with my dream fall wardrobe dream fall wardrobe

More specifically: I think it will look great with the purple knit and the leather mini skirt along with wedge booties. I would wear that outfit to death :)

I'm already following you both on Twitter and also here.

Sara said...

following you on blogger :) (& bloglovin)

i made my look on polyvore:

i chose the gypsy necklace because i just love the mix of textures and materials. i tried to translate into my outfit by using all sorts of textures and silhouettes. hope you like it! :)

Sara said...

oh, and i follow on them on twitter! forgot that part.