Monday, 3 October 2011

Iv'e Never Been So Grateful For The End Of Summer!

Hoping not to get this bad boy out again for a very long while!!!

AT LAST! It's raining... and cooler, and typhoons a plenty seem to be happening this side of the planet! As I type this... mummy dearest has just announced that they are having a heat wave in the UK at the moment... And that is where I am headed. Typical!!! My thrift haul of woolen wonders and paddington bear duffle coats was clearly in vain! Boo... and there I was getting all excited at the prospect of cozy British evenings in the countryside and wearing a billion layers! Oh Britannia... please get back to what you do best!!! Sorry Brits... I bet your all smiling so much your faces hurt with all that vitamin D! Soak it up... I'm willing the rain on for my return!!!! ;) xx

Photography by Albert Dedeu