Monday, 27 February 2012

Inside A Disco Pony Wardrobe!

OH-HOW-I-LOVE-TEXTURE-AND-COLOR! The more pattern it has, the more funny it feels, the more noise it makes when I move... the better! Weird shapes, heavy things, beads, sequins, bright colors... all crammed in there! 50% of this wardrobe you see is made up of thrift finds from here in Hong Kong, the other half is Disco Pony samples and pieces... I literally have nothing from my actual wardrobe here in Hong Kong but the jeans and jumper I came in! Pretty much everything I used to own was either given away or is now in boxes stashed away in Barcelona! So here you have it... Disco and Thrift galore! I haven't gotten onto shoes... partly because so many are not here yet... but mainly because I was so inspired by Miss Something Navy's post here, that I decided until I have a proper wall of shoes... no point! At the moment I have a bright blue floor to wall one unit book shelf- which nicely holds about 10 pairs... but it's not enough- If you think back to this post... and multiply that by a few more... you will understand why!!! hehe! xx