Monday, 27 February 2012

A Match Made in Disco Heaven!

The Suarez Sisters completely blow me away with their insane styling and gorgeousness! I'm so honored to have my Disco Pony draped over all these beautiful bods! How completely and utterly stunning does Dylana of Color Me Nana look in her Disco Pony sequin jumper @ New York Fashion Week!?! I can't believe DP has only been alive for a matter of months, and already it has seen both London and New York fashion week and graced the red carpet in Hollywood! I ADORE the way the jumper sleeves peep out of Dylana's blazer... the golden buttons, peeps of sequins and a hot pink skirt... you know I love that!!!
Trying to be a little objective about this... and not bias AT ALL... I do think this is one of my favorite Color Me Nana posts!! Disco Pony aside... this combo, Dy's hair, the Lincoln Center background... the whole shabang just works so well! Mmmmm! Steven Tyler Mmmmmm!!! Approved!!! :) Thanks beauty- Yet another Disco Pony rockstar discoing to the max! xx