Friday, 1 July 2011

All The One's I Never Showed You!

The Thrifting Series
DISCO PONY "The Natalie" Black
The Thrifting Series "Peacock Years"
The Thrifting Series
The Thrifting Series
The Thrifting Series
Bath of Shoes!
The Thrifting Series
The Thrifting Series
The Thrifting Series
Bright's Out!
The Thrifting Series
The Thrifting Serie

Well, that title is actually not true at all... because as you know, being fellow bloggers, there are literally tens of thousands of un-used, sad, lonely pictures that never get seen... either because one feels the old legs looked waaaay too fat in that one, or the eyes were shut, or the lighting made you look like you were dead, or whatnot (you know what I'm talking about!)... just the usual reasons we don't show off the bad ones! (I do frequently feel guilty for contributing to the media ideal that bad face/hair/body/ everything days don't really exist- I assure you if you were to see my "bad pile" you would all die of laughter! One day, when I'm old and brave enough, I will post them up!) However, they arn't all bad, some unfortunate ones just don't make it due to there being too many... or in this case, due to being candid! Which don't get me wrong, is not a bad thing at all... I LOVE candid shots, they are the best... but when you feel like you have a bunch of perfectly fine snaps that make up your usual amount per post, then the candid ones get kind of forgotten... :(
Seeing as I am yet to survive a whole week longer without my sweetheart, his camera and his undeniable skills I have succumbed to "mining the archives" (oh creepy, this was a title for my first ever essay at university!- we all failed from being too literal after going to the library and "mining the archives!" haha!) But I was quite surprised to see so many piccies that seem perfectly fine to me now... At the time I deemed them truly hideous. there is something about seeing a photo of yourself right after it has been taken that makes (me at least) want to book a month at some kind of "retreat" where you come out looking "better" I think they call this place LA?!!!
It's nice looking back over your efforts aswell... sometimes it feels as if I'm not doing enough... but when I look back, it seems I did in fact prance about quite a bit... in the same pair of shoes for the most part it seems! Despite my bath tub full of them!?! I'm mad... a creature of habit clearly!!!
Before this becomes an essay "Mining the Archives" style... I wanted to add that I am now back in Barcelona... My flight was delayed by about 3 times the flight time, but well worth it! I got home and kissed everything I could see in my house... I even picked up the dog mat and gave it a good sniff!... I'm not sure how wise that was... but I've REALLY missed my dog! We are still not re united, I've decided to let him play up in the country side for a week longer, and pick him up when Albert gets back... This way we can be the heroic parents... He totally thinks we have abandoned him. Poor Scoobs! How are you all? I hope your all having a lovely summer wherever you are... Where are you?! :) xx


Dylana Suarez said...

You are sooo cutes!


Just Another Shopaholic said...

These are such fantastic pictures!!

Rachael said...

Love the feather printed high waisted trousers!! Beautiful photos!

The Fancy Teacup said...

Awww, it's so nice to see the outfit photos that weren't posted. You are truly beautiful! And there's nothing like home sweet home :)

♥, Jamie

Samajo said...

love reading your "essays" at the end of a post makes it so personal :) Pretty pictures by the way... you are so beautiful! x

Lizzie said...

All these are soooo adorable! <3 your blog!

Hope you will check mine out :)


Bec said...

it's so true, you're right!! but you do look perfectly nice in them and very cute :)

eloiselabetise said...

Wow all of these outfits and photos are stunning! xxx

Caroline Josephine said...

Sometimes I think that we actually discard some of the best photos. When we're in the middle of taking some (or a shoot) we have an image of what everything should look like. So when you see a silly one you think 'omg that does not work at ALL!' or an angle is wrong or you think you look terrible... but really, it's just that the image doesn't fit your current ideal. I've realized this going back and looking through older photos.

These are all so full of character! I love them! Stoic photos shoots are fun and beautiful, but these ones are really YOU, ya know?

Hahahaha! I love that you smelled the dog mat. I'd do that too if I went home to see my dog and she was still off on her own vacation. I hope you get reunited with your dog and Albert soon! Take care!

Lidiya said...

I adore all of these outfits - you have AMAZING style!! I especially love your dotted skirt - so so cute <3

prostokate said...

you are so fuuny that I'm smiling sitting in my office :)
very lovely pics - ALL of them!!
One of my BF friend just cameback from music festivel in Barcelona.
And when I looked at his pictures I was thinking about my beautiful talanted Zoey!!

Have a great weekend!

catflicks said...

aw i love these photos! even your bad ones are lovely :) but i know what you mean, when i take photos i blink and make a weird face-i hate those photos!
also, I've awarded you a 'best blog' award :)

Miss Woody said...

perfect first photo !!

Amy said...

very pretty girl you are! and great style. i enjoyed that set of photos :)


Miss Kwong said...

oh girl u make HK look totally different!!! u look so perfect in all the pics - not to mention the great style in every outfit!

Find me on:
From Catwalk to Classroom...

AMINTA said...

Hahaha !! I have thousands of non-used pictures....<3
I sent you another message at facebook....XX
Im so excited! <3

jenjen said...

Hi, just wanted to let you know that I awarded you for the "One Lovely Blog" Award.
I love reading your Blog♥
Keep up the good work.


vintage process said...

Great pictures!!!

Lisa said...

Love your blog. Love your style.

Anonymous said...

You look wonderful in all your pictures, makes me wonder if you can even take a bad picture at all!!

I <3 your style too, I would wear everything you're wearing!


Sara said...

You look so pretty in all the pictures :)


Natalie Suarez said...

i loves you so much beautiful girl!! xoxooxoxoxo


Claire M. said...

Gorgeous outfits! I love it ;)

Adventures in Fashion said...

You're too cute! Loving every. single. look. ;)

vanessa belle said...

I love your outfits are amazing, beautiful photos

♥Run With Fashion♥ said...

Looove the first pic! Soo cute!
I love the 3rd pic, loove the pants and the pattern on it <3 :)
I also love your yellow strapless dress that you belted with a brown belt, loove it! <333

ellie estrada (noelle) said...

These looks are really really pretty, not to mention inspiring. Am now motivated to dress up!


LOOOVE your blog! and looks!!

Anonymous said...

I love the sequin outfit you are wearing! Looking through your posts you tend to gravitate towards sequins and I myself am entirely the same way.

I personally think the candid shots now and then are a great little peak into behind the scenes. I think we all get nervous having so many pictures taken by ourselves, at least for me especially when my boyfriend or my friends are taking them it puts a special sort of pressure on me to perform well. It's nice to see the fun side of what's going on in shoots.

Great blog!


Make Shift Model said...

Hi Lauren!
thank you so much for your lovely comment! (and everybody of course!!!) @Lauren, I can't seem to find a way to comment on your blog... I wanted to let you know about all the sequins! This is my first collection for my clothing line "Disco Pony" which will be launched for pre-order very very soon! So as you are so sequin inclined, you must check it out! It's not up just yet... but the website is: (it should be live in about 10 days)! Thanks agin for taking the time to write such a thoughtful comment! <3 your tumblr! Love Zoeyx

la mode, je vous aime said...

Hi, you have been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award. Check out the rules and make your nominations! Congrats! xxx, Sonia

Teresa said...

Love all these beautiful looks especially the polka dots!


Sofia said...

If these are your rejects, that's not fair!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the fast response! :)

I will definitely have to check out the collection! It looks right up my alley. Not sure what was going on with the comments on my tumblr, but I ended up changing the layout anyway so now it is much easier to actually use/comment on. Learning as I go!

Can't wait to see how Disco Pony turns out! I bet it will be fabulous.


Em said...

These are all so pretty, you're so cute!

hippilazman said...

i love shoes!

Meisha.Style said...

adore your styles! now following! =)